SXSW Notes and Tweets

The panel went well, though all of us wished that we had more time to speak and answer questions.  I kept my powerpoint simple and tried very hard not to stare at my notes the whole time.

Ruth joined us in Second Life and answered a question toward the end.  Sadly, she couldn’t hear most of the questions and I felt a bit strange paraphrasing them on screen while the person was still talking.

Here are some “tweets” from twitter about the panel.  Unfortunately we didn’t set up our own hashtags ahead of time, so they were hard to track down:

View Indiana Jones travels through time and space (arrow at bottom left) #sxsw…
“In Europe, we have a lot of archeology.. takes 6 months to start building a hotel foundation”, Eve #sxsw #indiana
“Second life is dead? GREAT, we love dead things.” -Colleen Morgan at archaeology panel

Archaeologists using Comic Life, Flickr (with notes/annotations), WordPress, Second Life to bring artifacts to life. #sxswabout 23 hours ago from Tweetie

So cool! Panelist is answering questions through second life at arch talk #sxswi
This archaeology and tech panel is very interesting, dif than any other panel thus far, still lots of room!! #sxswi
Heading to the real tech of Indiana jones panel #sxswi

#sxsw “tools like second life and flickr: they’re really good to think with”. Archaeology panel is well done

Now, how about that whole dissertation thing?  I should work on that, probably.

The Real Technology of Indiana Jones

By Deeveepix on Flickr
By Deeveepix on Flickr

It’s here!  I’m getting ready to go to Austin, TX to speak on a panel at South by Southwest, an annual music conference that has grown to include film and interactive media.  When I lived in Austin I would go check out hundreds of bands that were playing all over town, but this will be my first time to attend the interactive conference.  This is the first panel dealing with digital archaeology to appear at the conference, and I’m excited to be a part of it.  If you happen to be going to the conference, the panel is on Monday, March 16th, at 11:30 in Room B.
Title: The Real Technology of Indiana Jones

Adam Rabinowitz, University of Texas at Austin
Stuart Eve (University College London), Bernard Frischer (Rome Reborn), Colleen Morgan (University of California at Berkeley), Adam Rabinowitz, moderator (University of Texas)
Archaeologists no longer rely on whips and fedoras; they now use a range of sophisticated digital tools to collect information in the field and study it in the lab. Too often, though, this wealth of information meets the same fate as Indy’s discoveries, locked away in digital ‘warehouses’ where no one can see it. The archaeologists on this panel present different projects that use web platforms and open-source approaches to bring digital archaeology out of the warehouse and into the public eye. Learn how archaeologists are using interactive media to open their data and processes to the public; discuss the creation of an online archaeological community in Second Life; and explore ancient cities across space and time using publicly-available online tools.


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