SHA 2011 – January 5-9

The Society for Historical Archaeology is having their annual meeting in Austin this year and it’s hard to believe that I’m missing them, even though I don’t really do historical archaeology.  It’s not my speciality, though I’m very interested in archaeology in the contemporary setting and the SHAs can be a particularly fun and forward-looking meeting. Or so it seems from the preliminary program.

So, as I did with the SAA last year, I give you my picks for not-to-be-missed sessions at the SHA. Please go to them and tell me how they were!

Archaeologists As Activists: Moving Forward on a Practice of Activist Archaeology
Organizer(s): M. Jay Stottman Chair(s): M. Jay Stottman.  Panelist(s): Robert C. Chidester, Kim Christensen, David A. Gadsby, Barbara J. Little, W. Stephen McBride, Carol McDavid, Sarah E. Miller, Patrice L. Jeppson, Lori C.Stahlgren

Reinterpreting the “Domestic”: Household Archaeology Across Boundaries of Space, Time, and Disciplinary Divisions
Organizer(s): Emily D. Root-Garey, Nedra K. Lee Chair(s): Nedra K. Lee. Discussant(s): Jason Yaegar / Jamie C. Brandon Presenter(s): Maria Franklin / Nedra K. Lee / Deanna M. Riddick / Emily D. Root-Garey / Nadya Prociuk / Mary Jo Galindo / Miriam Tworek-Hofstetter / Karen E. McIlvoy / Debora Trein

Into the Cloud: Archaeology and Media in the Borderless Information World Organizer(s): Dennis I. Aig Chair(s): Dennis Aig
Panelist(s): Dennis Aig, Annalies Corbin, Sheli Smith, Keene Haywood, Katherine Martell

The Revelatory Power of an Artifact in Context
Organizer(s): Jamie C. Brandon Chair(s): Jamie C. Brandon Presenter(s): Jamie C. Brandon / Ryan M. VanDyke, Clete Rooney / Clete A. Rooney / Frederick Smith / C. Riley Auge / James M. Davidson / Rebecca Graff / Carl Carlson- Drexler

New Insights Into the Past: Advances in the Visualization of Archaeological Data Organizer(s): Lisa E. Fischer, Thomas G. Whitley Chair(s): Lisa E. Fischer, Thomas G. Whitley
Presenter(s): Lisa E. Fischer / Thomas G. Whitley / Lisa B. Randle / Jeffrey BarronGlover, Kelly Woodard, Johnny Waits / Nicole Wittig / Chad Keller, Worthy Martin, Peter Inker, Sarah Dylla / Christopher P. Redmann

Bridging Landscapes: Geographic Approaches to the Archaeologies of Landscape Organizer(s): Kevin Fogle, Andrew Agha, Jakob Crockett Chair(s): Kevin Fogle, Andrew Agha, Jakob Crockett
Discussant(s): Amy Mills / Martha Zierden Presenter(s): Richard H. Schein / Jakob D. Crockett / Nicolas R. Laracuente / Kevin Fogle / Andrew Agha / Linda M. Ziegenbein / M. Jay Stottman / Sarah Fayen Scarlett / Linda France Stine, Roy Stine

Neighborhood Archaeologies: Digging in Our Own Backyards
Organizer(s): Elizabeth Hoag, Emily Weglian Chair(s): Elizabeth Hoag, Emily Weglian Presenter(s): Elizabeth Hoag, Emily Weglian / Mallory Haas / Neil S. Price, Rick Knecht / Amy C. Kowal / James L. Flexner / C. Andrew Buchner / Anthony Vasquez, Frances Bright, Kim Christensen, Laurie A. Wilkie / James G. Gibb / Jeff Moates, Lorena Mihok, Zaida Darley

High Tech Archaeologies and Reconstructing the Past
Presenter(s): Erik A. Siedow / Alan D. Armstrong / Gwendolyn Moore / Andrea P. White / Thomas J. Nolan, Zada L. Law / Dean Goodman, Kent Schneider, Agamemnon Pantel, Noriaki Higashi / Joseph A. Evans / Jennie Sturm / Michael Drews, David Harder, Christopher Noll, Jeremy Hall / William R. Smith

(psst, SHA–you may want someone to get a new pdf uploaded–one without tracking changes!)

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