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As one of the admins for the Flickr group Archaeology in Action, I have to weed through the photos occasionally, taking out the travel shots from Cairo and whatnot. It can be a real pain, and having to split hairs about what “archaeology in action” is and is not feels a little stifling. However, it really is the best way to keep a good, focused group, and I get the pleasure of seeing photos from sites around the world.

Today, for instance, we received a submission from the LAARC, or the London Archaeological Archive and Research Center from the Michael Faraday community-based project they did last summer.

The flickr series they posted with the project is wonderful–lots of images and it really shows the progression of the excavation and all of the kids involved. Though I wonder if they have to get signed releases from the childrens’ parents, like we do here in the states. And they even have creative commons licensing! Bravo, LAARC.

It looks like they have a youtube feed as well:

Please submit your field photos to Archaeology in Action–it gives me something to look at while writing my literature reviews!

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