The Bosnian “Pyramids”

Back in 2006 when news of newly discovered pyramids was reported in Bosnia, I remember checking out the tiny photograph of the angular, foliage covered hills, then shrugging my shoulders and moving on.  It seems that amateur archaeologists have continued the investigation of these hills, and have posted the results on Flickr.

They are really lovely photographs of more (pseudo)archaeologist-made archaeology–that is, naturally occurring geological formations dug in such a way to suggest “real” archaeological remains.  The thing is, I am also a geology nerd (if you couldn’t tell by my photographs of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland) and while I deplore the needless destruction of the sandstone layers of an ancient lake and the later actual archaeological sites on top of the formation, it’s pretty neat to see the layers in section.

If you’re so inclined, check out what other archaeologists had to say about the pyramids, or check out the edit log from the wikipedia entry–it’s pretty instructive from a cultural heritage/knowledge construction point of view.

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