Archaeologists | Photographers – Update

So, the book project that Guy Hunt and I have been working on has been trundling along.  I feel guilty about it occasionally, until I hear stories from professors about projects that take ten years to publish.  Hopefully we are not on that timeline!

Guy posted work from two more contributors at the Archaeologists | Photographers blog, including Dave Webb’s brilliant and honest black and white portraits of field archaeologists.

I also finally “typeset” the book proposal–I kept bothering my design friends to do it, but they’d always tell me to do it myself, that it wasn’t that hard.  I first tried it in In Design, but just couldn’t figure out the interface to my satisfaction, so I ended up putting it together in Adobe Illustrator.  I suppose I could have just gotten a word document together, but it seems like a book that is fundamentally about visual presentation should at least try to look good.  I’m hoping to get it finalized and out the door by the time I go to the field this summer, wish me luck!

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