Greatest Hits

I’ve collected some of the posts here that I like a lot, or that other people seem to like a lot.

Linguistics and Nerd Cadence – a post about superstandard English and whiteness. No, that’s not me in the photo.

Tactile Maps and Imaginary Geographies – the post that still gets linked everywhere about 3D Inuit coastline maps made of wood.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! This Death” – history, poetry, suicide & drowning in the Ouse.

My Name is Oxblood – the lore and archaeology surrounding red glazed ceramics.

Haram at the Beach – the beach as a liminal zone for Muslim women and their families.

Meditation on a Broken Horse – thinking about the process of excavating a horse skeleton.

Texting and the Telegraph – on the relative affordances of media separated by a century.

At the Souvlaki Stand – a more writerly summary of my favorite spot to drink and relax while excavating in Crete.

Fake Dead People – why we shouldn’t create NPCs in our archaeological virtual reconstructions.

Utilized Glass and Experimental Archaeology in Kalaupapa – knapped glass and comic book interpretation!

The Great Abandonment – pairs verbiage from Kantner’s Ancient Puebloan Southwest with photos from the housing crisis.

Borderlands Archaeology, Pt I and II – about working on the Texas/Mexico border in 2005.

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