Bodies Everywhere!


I am at one of the worse internet cafes here in Konya, and have been unable to change the keyboard, so this post will be fairly short.  I have managed to upload some images, but still no luck with video–I am hoping to make a short run to Çumra this week, but time is running out!

Digging in Building 49 (the name of the house that we are currently excavating) has been way more fun than should be allowed on a research excavation, but there have also been a few aggravations.  The platforms of the buildings here are where the inhabitants buried their dead, so I have had a lot of skellies to sort out, of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  I care more about their context and their place in the stratigraphic sequence, and so tensions can rise when the specialists who are more interested in the bones come to dig the things.  It will all work out though, hopefully, and we will get the building finished in the next couple of weeks.  Next I will update with another diary entry and possibly an abstract I just sent to a conference.  But for now, I am going to get away from this awful cafe, get some tea, and go shopping for rugs.

Author: colleenmorgan

Dr. Colleen Morgan (ORCID 0000-0001-6907-5535) is the Lecturer in Digital Archaeology and Heritage in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York. She conducts research on digital media and archaeology, with a special focus on embodiment, avatars, genetics and bioarchaeology. She is interested in building archaeological narratives with emerging technology, including photography, video, mobile and locative devices. Through archaeological making she explores past lifeways and our current understanding of heritage, especially regarding issues of authority, authenticity, and identity.

4 thoughts on “Bodies Everywhere!”

  1. You buy rugs in Turkey?? Assisting in the factory oppression of those sixteen year olds who are given “jobs” there??? Talk about plot twist.

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